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HABABUSCH must stay!

Founded 1996, with a changing number of young people, the Hababusch-Hostel was led as an alternative, non-profit project for Weimars colourful guests. Unfortunately the joined project developed into a One-Man-Show for the son of the houseowner. He overtook the administration and leadership of the Hostel, without being able to handle the responsibilities. The house became untidy and the results of his leadership were a bad standing and financial problems.

Since October 2012 the house community retook the power of organisation. Regretfully the Hostel had to shut down because of the latest history. Therefore a new formed shared flat of students moved in the floor where there was the Hostel. Right now we are 17 residents: students, job trainers, independently workers and a retired. Inspired by the foundation group and with new enthusiasm, we, the house community, tried everything to gain power over the situation. We organized flew markets, public soup kitchen and participated in fête de la musique. We try to use the space in front of the building and joined as city gardeners.

All attempts to reconstruct the Hababusch as a welfare institution, did not get any attention in the owners plans. He wants to form holiday apartments and a gastronomic-business. All residents are meant to leave the house.

This is where our protest starts. We want to buy the complete house via the Mietshaussyndikat to get back all responsibilities and finally to act, move and work free of ownership. We want to reconstruct the complete house including the ground floor and make the Hababusch as what it was meant to be: a non-profit, welfare project in the inner city of Weimar. A town like Weimar, which income is generated by tourists needs a lively town and may not become a ghosttown of Schiller and Goethe.

To reach our aims we depend on your support! With a signature you give the Hababusch housecommunity a voice. You can get more information and the latest news by signing in in our Newsletter so you have the chance of staying informed about the latest development.

Link to the german Petition: Avaaz.com

Your Hababusch Family


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